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These are OLD stories for your reading pleasure. All animals have been adopted and are NO LONGER HERE!!! Our AVALIABLE pets are on the MAIN PAGE!

Hello to all! My name is Noir, Iím about four months old and I was born here at the shelter and yes Iím still here. Sadly Iím a black kitty, Iím just as friendly, outgoing, social and playful as all the other kittens of other colors. Those quickly caught someoneís eye and got to go to their new homes. But not so easy for us black kitties. Iím not the only one Ė there are lots of us Ė thirteen of us, most of us are youngsters but there a few adults (including my mommy). The shelter wanted me to spread the word on the dilemma of black cats, people just seem to pass us by. We are all nice and just as loveable as the other cats of color. Our coats are soft and shiny, we love attention and laps, we are all spayed or neutered, have our shots, tests and microchip. We donít want to be here holiday after holiday, so we are going to have a Black Friday Sale starting this Friday and every Friday in the whole month of November. Kittens like me will only be $15 and big cats like my Mom will only be $10. Wonít you come meet me, you will see Iím just as special as any other cat, we all are. I will be waiting for you for as long as I need to, XXOO Noir
Hi Everyone! My name is Squirrel (Iím not the kind that go around eating nuts) Iím a very handsome orange and white kitten. I came to the shelter with my brother and sister weeks ago and now almost four months old, we are very ready to find new homes. When the shelter people went around and asked the cats who wanted to be pet of the week; none spoke up but me. The rest were too busy swinging in the hammocks, batting fake mice around, sleeping (or pretending to), eating or just plain lazy. But - not me, I want to find a home and I will work to find one. Every time someone comes to visit, Iím always up front and paying attention, I love people big and small, very friendly and social, not a crazy cat even with the name of Squirrel. Iím ready to go, Iím neutered, have my shots and chip and tested for cat diseases, I keep myself clean as a whistle, my white is snow white (I know I wasnít supposed to mention that word) but what the heck I will always live inside and just watch the snow fall for entertainment! Wonít you come meet me? I promise I wonít disappoint you. Love Squirrel XXOO
Hello! My name is Tank and I live up to my name; I am built like a ďtankĒ. I have been in and out of the shelter as a stray for a couple of years, after the first two times the shelter helped my owner get me fixed so maybe I wouldnít run off anymore, that really didnít help for me since I was so used to running around and having fun. In June of this year I came to the shelter again, yes again as stray but this time it was different, this time my owner didnít come to get me and I donít know why. Yeah Iím a big strong boy that needs a fenced yard so I donít do this again, I just donít know how bad it is for a dog to be running around because I always had so much fun doing it. I am hoping someone will see me and fall in love with me, Iím a big boy but Iím also a big marshmallow with a big heart. Iím 7 years old but donít think for a minute that I act or look like an old dude, you are only as old as you feel and I feel like Iím two. I am ready for play or naps and I can tell you if I finally get out of here I donít want to ever come back, well maybe for a visit with my hopefully new owner that will make sure I canít exercise my wandering ways. I have everything I need to leave, Iím neutered, have all my shots, been heartworm checked and I even have a microchip. Wonít you please come meet me sometime soon? Or, you can call about me 989-785-3738 XXOO Tank
Hello! My name is Russell and believe it or not, Iím a Catahoula Leopard hound mix. What kind of dog is that you ask? Well itís a mix of hunting and herding dog talents. Well, I failed at some of my breed talents because they found out I was deaf. What good is a hunting dog that canít hear Ė and that is how I ended up at the shelter. I thought I was a total failure, but I was totally wrong, I didnít know there was such a thing as a ďhouse dogĒ and that is what I now am! I have many good qualities; I get along great with other dogs, donít mind cats at all, Iím housebroken, pretty quiet, love attention, sweet, and smart enough for you to teach me simple hand signals for the things you want of me. Iím only a year and a half old; I have my whole life ahead of me and really hope it will quickly be in a loving home and no longer at the shelter. You see I was once adopted by a very kind man, I went home with him and within the afternoon I learned how to use the doggy door and I learned how wonderful it was to have all the comforts of a real home, ahhhh I could never imagined how wonderful a life like this felt like. But sadly, it was over so quickly, the other house dog didnít like me, I would just be laying there minding my own business and he would come by and attack me for no good reason. The kind man decided it wasnít fair to me to be treated like this and with a heavy heart returned me to the shelter Ė and my heart was broken. I so much want a loving home. I understand the man had the other dog for many years and it wouldnít be right for that dog to have to lose the home he knew, but somewhere there must be another special home just perfect for me! I know for sure I will need a fence to keep me safe from all the dangers in the world that I canít hear. I love meeting new people so please come see me at the shelter
Well, well, well! Guess who is pet of the week? ME GRACY! Iím a 5-6 year old Boxer mix, Iím still full of energy and love! Iím very friendly, I love everyone I meet and get along with other dogs! I was found abandoned tied to a boat trailer, by the time I was found all my ribs and bones were sticking out. The weekend land owners didnít know who tied me to their trailer and were very saddened that I was left there to starve. I was brought to the shelter to recover, I have since gained much of my weight back and have gotten spayed, all my shots and even a microchip. Never again can I be left somewhere and no one knowing where I belong Ė I will always have a chip to lead me home. With all that said, all I need is a great home to call my own. I love to play and get very excited when I get attention, so there is no mistake that Iím one happy girl! Would you like to come meet me? I would love to meet you! Iím at the Elk Country Animal Shelter Ė waiting quietly for my new person.
February 7th 2018- Hi! My name is Chewy Ė will you be my Valentine- I know itís a few days away but I would like to say I have the BIGGEST heart for that someone special Ė I think that someone might just be YOU! Iím sure you can tell by handsome face that Iím a pit bull, a big pit bull, with an even bigger heart! I love people and good with other dogs, I try not to jump on people but sometimes I get so excited I just canít help it; if I had a home with lots of love and exercise I wouldnít get so darn excited. But there is no doubt about my excitement Ė itís for my love of people! Iím a very happy dog and quite the clown, I just like to have fun in life and nothing much gets me down. I do know a few things, Iím learning to try to walk nice on a leash, Iím catching on, really I am! And Iím very eager to learn more Ė just teach me. I am about 3 years old, neutered, all my shots, heartworm tested and even a microchip! I am ready to go. Come by the shelter my dear Valentine or give me a call at 989-785-3738.
Well Iím a little late wishing everyone a Happy New Year; I was here but Iíve been very busy getting me and Ma all settled in here at the shelter. There were many things to take care of like getting shots, testing, getting a chip and getting neutered. My name is Pa and by my picture you can probably tell that Iím a Pit Bull mix and that Iím a very handsome guy, but what you canít tell is that Iím the most beautiful soft chocolaty liver color and Iím a very good boy. I do know some commands like sit and shake, and I have manners too like walking pretty good on a leash and not jumping up on people (unless Iím super excited which causes me to forget things for a moment). I get along great with other dogs, Ma is my best friend and we make the cutest dog couple ever; as we are kind of opposite in our color combinations; Iím mostly chocolate with white markings and Ma is mostly white with chocolate markings. I know for sure I would like to find a home of my own, we both would. Like I said I have been neutered, have all my shots, heartworm test and a microchip. So, I am ready to go anytime, looking forward to meeting my new family and taking me to my new real home! Come visit the Elk Country Animal Shelter to meet the new guy in your life
Hi, my name is Tres, Iím a three year old medium haired tabby cat. Iím writing this on Thanksgiving Day because I have so much to be thankful for. I was a lost cat and I really donít remember what happened to me that day. All I know is that I was hurt real bad, part of my front leg was gone and my tail was badly injured. I walked and wandered for days and came upon a ladyís porch, I tested her kindness and found it to be sincere, she put a little blanket in a box for me and gave me a meal. Finally I could rest my tired bones and get food into my very thin body. The kind lady called the shelter and asked if she could bring me there as she didnít know what to do for my injuries and she knew she had to get help for me. Once I got to the shelter they found my injuries to be real bad but they couldnít believe how friendly I was despite all this. Believe me I was so very thankful that I was finally going to get some help, food, warmth and comfort. I met the doctor and I cooperated with nothing but purrs throughout the whole examination. The doctor said my front leg had exposed bone that I had struggled to walk on and was badly infected and dying along with the end of my tail much in the same condition. I wondered what was next, did they think I was worth saving? What was next for me? Next thing I knew I was waking up missing a leg and my tail was now just a stub, I was in some pain but believe me it was such a relief to be rid of the old pain from exposed bone on both ends of my body. I woke up rolling over for belly rubs and nonstop purring. I healed quickly and I manage just fine on three legs; I am so thankful for the kind lady that cared enough, the shelter for the comfort and care, the doctor that made my pain go away and in advance to the special person that wants to add me to their life. I promise to always purr for you! I am grateful for life

Love, Tres

My name is Sable and my brother is Grayson. We are just little ones looking for a new home. We are unique little kitties as our tails are bent, like really bent, like bent in half but sideways. I think we were just born this way. They arenít sore, and we will grow up just fine, but our tails will always point in the wrong direction. I love to be covered up and tucked in at night; I really love people and so does my brother Grayson. We have been given lots of love here but not like we would if we had a real home. We donít have to go together but it sure would be nice if we did, the people here said they would even do a package deal for the two of us. We are spayed and neutered, tested negative for feline leukemia, have had our first shots, been dewormed and we even have microchips. You can find us at the Elk Country Animal Shelter right here in Atlanta. Stop in or give them a call to find out how you can make us YOURS!
Hi Everyone! My name is Hoover and Iím a big Labrador Rottweiler mix. Iím just about a year old so Iím still pretty much a youngster. I used to live with a little girl about five years old, she was my little buddy and we spent lots of time playing together. I enjoyed every minute, even when she wanted to play with dolls; I didnít mind, I just liked being with her. I donít know what happened or why they brought me here to the shelter, it wasnít anything I did wrong, just something in their lives that wouldnít let them keep me anymore. My little friend was crying when she left me, I didnít know what to do or why she was crying, I wanted to make her feel better but I couldnít because we could no longer be together.

So here I am at the shelter waiting for a new home, waiting for that family with kids that I could play with and take care of. Iím a good boy and my old family taught me many things, like not to jump on little ones, not touching my food when my bowl was placed in front of me until Iím told itís ok to eat, I know how to sit, and I know how to wait. I think Iím very smart and well adjusted for a dog of such a young age. I see other young ones here and some of them are just on the crazy side of the tracks; I understand they are young and just havenít had the bringing up I have had; Iím very lucky that way, they took the time to teach me to be a good boy.

Someday soon I will have a new family; Iím very handsome, sincere and wise beyond my years. Donít get me wrong itís not like I have no spunk, I have plenty of spunk and energy, so I can play hard like the rest of them and need exercise like all young dogs do.

I have already been neutered; have all my shots and even a micro-chip, I am more than ready to go to a new home! Please come visit me, I would love the company. You can also call the shelter at 989-785-3738

Sincerely, Hoover

Hi Everyone!! My name is Clara and Iím a Boxer. I was running around not knowing where to go, I was very lost and confused. A very kind person picked me up and brought me to the shelter where I got some badly needed meals as I was very, very skinny. Iím starting to fill out my ribs and looking more beautiful each and every day, I got all my shots, spayed and even a micro-chip. I really donít understand how I could go from having a home to living in a shelter, canít understand why my owner had not come looking for me. But it is what it is and I need to move on and find another family to call my own.

Iím a nice girl, I seem to like everyone I meet, I get along good with other dogs, quiet, housebroken and I love attention! I really would like to find a home and get out of here, the shelter is very crowded with all the extra dogs here. Most of them cute and small, Iím older and bigger so the competition here is pretty stiff but maybe, just maybe there is someone out there that would like a quiet dog that you donít have to bend down to pet Ė I can stand right next to you and you can pet my head without having to bend over. Iím really a good girl and wish someone special would give me a chance at a good life Ė someone that would look for me if I ever got lost again Ė Iím worth it!

If you would like to meet me I will be waiting at the shelter or you can give them a call at 989-785-3738

Hi Everyone! My name is Gus and Iím a Boxer mix. I was brought to the shelter by my owner, he had me since I was just a little pup and that was eight years ago. He told me he was very sad but he had to go away and I couldnít go with him. I really miss him and still canít understand why I couldnít go too but I could see in his eyes it was hurting his heart to leave me behind. I will never forget him but Iím adjusting to shelter life, Iím an easy going guy and I just roll with it and besides I have my buddy with me Ė Paul, heís a stuffed tiger that I have had since I was only six weeks old, I have taken good care of Paul and he will go where I go. I have to admit I was a bit spoiled in the food and treat department as Iím a bit rolly poly, and so now Iím on a diet, they say itís best for me but I never thought I would ever have to be on a diet! Me Gus Ė on a diet?

Well, maybe I should tell you a little bit about my personality; in a nutshell Iím a great dog! I love everyone, always smiling; get along great with other dogs, just an all-around good dog. I try not to cause any problems, Iím not a barker and donít get involved in any quarrels with others even if they are trying to provoke me. Iím very housebroken, I would never dream of going potty in my kennel or in a house, heck I was brought up better than that! I know some commands and a few tricks, I would just love to get out of here and live in a loving home again! Not that living here is bad, itís just that itís not a home, a home with a soft bed, someone to drift off to sleep with, someone to greet with my big smile when they come home, someone to play with, someone to love.

If you would like to come meet me and my buddy Paul I will be waiting here for you. I have been neutered since an early age, have all my shots, micro chipped, and Iím full of love, just for you!

Hi! My name is Howie and Iím a husky mixed with something spotted! I came to the shelter because my owner couldnít care for me anymore; that was months ago and Iím still here. I really donít know why Iím still here; Iím pretty handsome, very friendly, get along great with other dogs, I love to play with dogs or people, Iím smart, Iím young, I come when Iím called - what more could anyone want out of a dog? Want more? How about I donít chew things up, housebroken and Iím pretty handsome Ė did I say that already? Well maybe you didnít catch it the first time; oh heck you can see my picture and judge for yourself. I have a pretty good sense of humor too, Iím a happy go lucky dog, and not much do I take real serious except when people come to visit Iím right at the front of my kennel Ė barking ďtake meĖtake meĒ, maybe people think I bark all the time? Well thatís just not the case, Iím only barking to let you know I want to go home with you, once out of my kennel

Iím pretty quiet and have other things on my mind like playing! Oh, but if you are trying to teach me things I will take that somewhat serious; Iím pretty smart and will pay attention. Like most of the dogs here, Iím neutered, have all my shots, have a microchip and ready to go to that special just for me home. I hope you are reading this so you know itís time to come and get me, I really donít want to live here anymore - itís been fun but Iím more than ready to move out!

If you want more information on me please just call the shelter at 989-785-3738 or better yet just come meet me in person. See you soon, Love, Howie

Happy New Year Everyone!! I would like to introduce myself to you; my name is Delta and Iím a Labrador pit bull terrier mix. Iím just barely over a year old which makes me just a ďkidĒ in dog years. Full of fun and games; I have energy and love to run and play; and when it snows I love it even more. I have a great personality and I love people of all sizes. Iím not shy with anyone Ė Iím very happy and outgoing, willing to learn new things, Iím housebroken and donít seem to want to chew things up; I have much better things to do!

I have been at the shelter for a while now, it has gotten to feel like home to me - I get good meals, attention, playtime - everything a dog needs right? Well, itís not for me, I want a real home, one where I can have a whole house to wander around in whenever I want, follow my person around, go outside to play or potty more often, curl up on a couch or dog bed for quiet naps (really hard to get a nap in at the shelter), lay my head on my persons leg just to get my head gently stroked, go for long walks (or short ones I really donít care), go for car rides as Iím always up for a new adventure. All of this I would like to have in the New Year, start it off right, in the right place with the right people!

I could be the dog you have been looking for and Iím right here at the shelter waiting for the person I have been looking for. Iím already spayed, have all my shots and even a microchip. Iím sure everyone has been busy with all the holiday activities and maybe didnít want to bring a new dog home with all the hustle and bustle that goes on, maybe some traveling or maybe just many visitors but thatís all done and over with. Itís a new year now, with some quiet months ahead so maybe now would be a good time to add a new friend in your life, and maybe that new friend could be me Ė Delta!! Just stop by the shelter or give them a call at 989-785-3738. I hope to see you soon; Love, Delta.

Merry Christmas to everyone! My name is Huck and Iím here to tell you all the things I am thankful for - Iím thankful for being safe and warm at the shelter, Iím thankful I can still walk even if itís with a limp, Iím thankful I have Dr. Leslie as my Pet Angel, Iím thankful Iím a dog and not a cat, Iím thankful I can still see good, Iím thankful for all the caring people I have met here at the shelter Ė ones that have talked to me in soft voices and stroked my head with gentle hands. You see, Iím an old dog without a home one needing a family to call my own; Iím very patient with everyone, Iím quiet, Iím housebroken, I love to just snuggle, would love to lay by warm toes or cold ones that I could warm up. I just need a home, a good home that will keep me safe and make me comfortable in my senior years. Dr. Leslie, my special friend and Pet Angel - made it possible for my adoption to be paid for and I also get lots of special gifts just for me, gifts other dogs donít usually get.

You see, Dr. Leslie said I was a very special dog that needed a special home and she wanted to help me get one of those anyway she could, sheís a special person with a big heart for old dogs like me, Iím lucky she has chosen to help me! What kind of dog am I? Iím not really sure as I donít remember my Mom or Dad at allÖmaybe Iím part cattle dog, maybe Iím part German Shepherd? Doesnít really matter what ďkindĒ of dog I am does it? What matters is that Iím a ďgoodĒ dog that deserves a good home.

Iím not real big; I only weigh about 43 lbs. I can walk ok - stiff and with a limp but I can still walk, I have a little bit of trouble getting up from a long nap but I manage and work it out. If anyone out there is lonely and needs a friend maybe I can help you if you will help me. We can make each other happy and loved! Just call the shelter 989-785-3738 or 989-350-1426 if you are interested in meeting me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Love, Huck.

Hi Everyone! My name is Sadie, Iím an eight year old miniature pincher. I came into the shelter because my daddy left me behind to find another home. I love everyone at the shelter and everyone I meet; no one is a stranger to me. I like to be held and sit on laps which makes it hard here at the shelter, not too many people here have time to sit long enough for me to even get warmed up on a lap. Iím hoping I will find a home soon with a lap I can curl up on and stay warm. Iím in good health; Iím housebroken and will ask to go outside when I need to. Iím just a tiny compact little girl, although a tad bit on the chubby side so I need to watch my snacks which is another reason I need to find a home; too much idle time with nothing to do but eat. Eight years old isnít very old for a little girl like me Ė I could be considered middle aged and thatís not old at all when you really think about it.

I would do best in a home thatís a bit quieter, with people that sit long enough for me to snuggle on laps, if I had two laps to choose from I could go from one to another and be happy as ever! Donít get me wrong, itís not that I sleep all the time Ė Iím still very peppy and can dance around like crazy but little dogs like me get cold and I donít like being alone so a warm lap is the best place to be. If you are looking for a nice little dog to keep you company why donít you come and meet me, I will be here at the shelter waiting for you. Iím already spayed, have all my shots and a microchip so Iím ready to put on a little sweater, pack my little bags and get out of here Ė if you will take me!

Pauline wanted me to remind everyone that already have pets to please spay and neuter them, the shelter can help you get that done if they arenít.

Hi there! My name is Howie and Iím a German Sheppard Husky mix. Iím a young, just barely over a year and a half old. My owner brought me to the shelter because he could no longer care for me and hoped I would be able to find a better home if I was here at the shelter for many people to see. When I first came here I was afraid but it didnít take long for me to make many new friends to play with and ones to take good care of me. Iím a good natured dog; I get along with most dogs and like to play. Iím pretty big and very handsome, mostly all white with some inky black markings and a nice bushy fox like tail. Iím smart and willing to learn new things, I donít make a mess in my kennel and I guess thatís what they call ďhousebrokenĒ, Iím past that chewing stage and think I would be a very good boy for anyone that wants to add me to their family. Sometimes Iím a little leery of strangers coming through the shelter, itís just my nature to be a good watch dog and do my job, but quickly warm up once I know people are friends and not foes. Since Iíve been at the shelter, I have gotten neutered, all my shots and a microchip. So Iím ready to head out of here on a new adventure, to a new life that will mine forever. Come visit me and spend some time getting to know what a great dog I am.

Pauline wanted me to say thank you to all the responsible pet owners that took advantage of the spay and neuter program and got their pets fixed. Couldnít do it without the support of our many grants that make this all possible like the Michigan Department of Ag and ASPCA!

My name is Sprocket and if you canít tell by the picture Ė Iím a Beagle. I have been at the shelter for some time now; Iíve seen other dogs come and go and Iíve seen other Beagles come and go including my brother Rocket. Why is nobody picking me? Iím just as nice and I think maybe a bit more handsome! Iím still a young dog less than a 1 Ĺ years old, Iím not too much of a barker especially for a Beagle, I like people a lot and think I would be a great dog for a family or even for just one person thatís as lonely for a companion as I am. I think I could fit into many homes because Iím just an easy going dog and I love to run and play. We could have a lot of fun together, watch TV together, go for walks together - we could do many things together and be best buds Ė something I have been missing since Rocket had his lucky day and left the shelter. And besides I need to get out of here because a bunch of little chi-wa-was came in the other day so either they are my big competition or they will simply drive me crazy, either way it doesnít matter I just would like to have a chance at a home life instead of a shelter life. If you would like to come meet me I will be waiting for you!

Pauline wanted me to say thank you to all the responsible pet owners that took advantage of the spay and neuter program and got their pets fixed. Couldnít do it without the support of our many grants that make this all possible like the Michigan Department of Ag and ASPCA!

Hi everyone! My name is Buddy and Iím staying at the shelter for ďhopefullyĒ just a short time until I find another place to live. Iím a collie shepherd mix just over a year old Ė even though those are both big dogs I turned out to be a medium sized dog (which is the perfect size by the way). Iím very well behaved, I donít jump on people, Iím housebroken and I know some basic things - so Iím pretty smart for my age. My daddy brought me here to the shelter, said he was sad but he wanted me to have a better life, said he didnít have enough time for me and he was worried I was going to get hurt. When we would go outside and he wasnít looking I would just wander away, I didnít know that wasnít a good thing to do; I was just going on adventures and always enjoyed myself, meeting new people and new dogs along the way. So, thatís how I ended up here so I wouldnít get hit by a car. Iím safe here but being safe isnít like home, I want one of those again!

I think Iím a great dog; I love everyone I meet and I play nice with other dogs. Oh, and Iím very handsome and have the best ears of any dog here Ė so the girls here keep telling me. Iím pretty quiet, not big on barking but I promise if I lived with you I would bark to let you know someone was coming around, Iím smart that way too. Itís not like I dart or bolt out the door or yard, I just meander away and I donít hear anyone calling me back (these big ears of mine sometimes have selective hearing) so if my new home kept me on a leash or had a fence of some kind I would be kept safe AND loved. Thatís a big bonus for me!! I hope I donít have to stay here for very long; donít get me wrong I get treated alright here, good food, fenced yard, other dogs to play with; but I miss so badly a best friend in my life Ė give me a chance and I promise to be your best friend! Call the shelter at 989-785-3738 or just stop in and meet me.

The shelter people wanted me to say thank you to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the ASPCA for helping the shelter spay and neuter many pets in our community. If your pet needs to get spayed or neutered just call the shelter Ė they have many programs to help you get this done.

Well, hello there! My name is Thumbs and I am a very sweet girl. They are amazed at the look of my paws but to me they are normal. I guess, from what I have heard them say, I have lots of extra toes. I wouldnít really know the difference but I guess it must be pretty neat with all the oohís and aahís I get all the time. I have lots of friends here too, so Iím not the only awesome kitty available. I hang out with my pal Davis here in the Directorís office most of the time.

We love the quiet in here, and I especially love it when someone takes me into their arms and just pets me and loves on me, I just melt and could lie in those arms all day long. I love to be loved on and you are looking for a sweet kitty to lie on your lap and love to be loved by you - Iím the one for the job. Davis and I get to play in the lobby in the early morning when itís cleaning time , but when chores are done itís time to go back into our cage. I would really love to be able to have a home where I wouldnít have to go back into a cage. A home where I would be able to curl up on the couch with you, lay in bed with you at night or just sit in the sunlight if I wanted to.

We all would love to have that chance. You should come meet all of us, weíre all so happy when people come to see us. We are all young ones with lots of furry love to give. If you have any questions about me or my furry friends you can call the shelter at 989-785-3738 or stop in and visit with us. And a special thank you goes out to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the ASPCA for helping the shelter spay and neuter many pets in our community!

Hi! My name is Gracie, an Australian Shepard mix, and Iím about 3 to 4 years old. They say I have the perfect name because everything about me is ďgraceĒ. Iím always a perfect lady, walk light on my feet, donít jump on people, I hardly ever bark, basically I just have very nice manners. I have a face full of freckles and a beautiful hair coat that I try to keep clean and well groomed, but Iím not just all beauty and no brains; I know some commands as well and walk very nice on a leash. Iím friendly and give dainty little kisses if you want them, but I wonít ever force them on anyone.

Iím great with all people big and small but I have to admit there are some dogs that just rub me the wrong way, I guess when they do too much rough housing, jumping, running, leaping and rolling is more than I want to see or participate in (ladies donít behave that way). I have met some dogs friends here, ones that are quiet and donít want to jump all over me, just donít like any of that nonsense. Iím also housebroken, I never ever make a mess in my kennel here, heavens no - then my dainty paws would have to touch itÖ.no, not this girl.

I would love to live with a family or even a single person, Iím not demanding and will always ask politely for anything I need or want. I weigh about 45 pounds, Iím already spayed, have all my shots and even a microchip and my bags are always packed and ready to go Ė all I need is someone to come adopt me. I will be at the shelter most every day, just waiting for that special someone to come into my life! You can call the shelter at 989-785-3738 or just stop by to meet me.

I know I have missed a week and Iím sorry, but itís taken me this long to get all my thoughts together. I have been going through a bit of a rough time especially my first few days at the shelter. Iím not sure if I was burned or got into something I shouldnít have, I just donít remember as it all has been just a blur. I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Pachino aka Patch and Iím a neutered Chocolate Labrador.

Well, when I came into the shelter as a stray I was one big mess, my face was pretty much hairless, red, swollen and it hurt so bad (but I still wagged my tail). It didnít take long to realize that I came to the right place to get some help; I was given a shot or two and some pills to take and by morning I felt and looked a million times better. They donít know what happened to me but sadly they think whatever it was has done some permanent damage to my skin and the hair on my face might not ever grow back. But that sure doesnít matter to me because Iím just very happy to be alive! Iím the first to greet everyone in the morning, with a big smile and a wagging tail to beat the band. I donít care what happened to me all I care about now it how wonderful it is to be a dog and how more wonderful it would be to be a dog in a home.

Like I said before Iím already neutered and since Iíve gotten here, I now have all my shots and a microchip. I may not be the most handsome dog in the place but I can tell you paws down Iím the happiest, friendliest, and most thankful dog here. If you donít believe me just come on over and see for yourself. I am always up for visitors and I promise you that I am everything I say I am plus much, much more. If you adopt me I will be your loyal friend for all of my days. Love, Patch - resident at the Elk Country Animal Shelter.

Hi Everyone! My name is Roger and Iím part Bloodhound and something else. They say Iím really ďsomething elseĒ around here and they say it with a smile so I think thatís a good thing. Iím a young adult, maybe a year and a half old; I know sit and Iím housebroken. I LOVE people and I LOVE other dogs, and I L-O-V-E to play. It seemed like I would never stop growing but I finally did and the end result is one big tall boy of a dog; yep thatís me, donít have to bend over to give me lots of petting. Iím already neutered and have all my shots and a microchip, just waiting for the perfect someone to come along and adopt me.

I came in as a stray so the shelter people didnít know much about me but I have been here long enough to let them know things about me. Like what a clown I am or maybe what a good nature I have, or how loving I am, or how smart I can be when I want to be. Iím a big boy and thankfully I donít jump on people, well there are a few occasions that I got sooooo excited that I just couldnít help myself but that doesnít happen very often, I can usually keep myself in check (thatís where the smarts come in).

Oh, did I mention that Iím handsome? I know there is a picture of me but Iím sure it doesnít show just how handsome I really am - Iím a looker! Itís been fun here at the shelter; I have met lots of new people friends and dog friends but getting put back in a kennel when play time is over is getting real oldÖI want a home where playtime ends and I lay at your feet and relax with ďyouĒ not all alone. Please come here and meet me Ė one look into my saggy Bloodhound eyes should be enough for you to instantly fall in love with me!

Come visit the shelter and donít forget the shelter can help get your pet spayed or neutered just call 989-785-3738.

Hi, my name is Buddy. Iím five years old and need a brand new home. Iím a long haired Dachshund that comes with some extra baggage - just a few extra pounds than needed. Iím on a diet now which really doesnít bother me, I eat two small meals a day and that seems to be doing the trick as I have already lost a few pounds! I think Iím a pretty nice dog; I donít know much in the line of tricks but Iím a very good boy. I never potty in the house, I love to keep my person company, Iím not a yip yapper, Iím a good sleeper, and I would never think of chewing anything up. I like to go for walks, slow ones until I lose my extra weight but I do get some funny short little running spurts. Right now Iím staying with a foster friend, I was just too sad at the shelter, just laid around and didnít get any exercise so now my real personality gets to shine a bit and she is finding out just how wonderful I am.

Iím in good health and I think Iím pretty darn handsome, especially when I roll over on my back to get a big belly rubbing which is my most favorite. I get along great with all the dogs here, fit right in without any noses getting out of joint, get along great with the cat too, heck Iím just a real good boy. I have to admit Iím not a real good guard dog Ė I will bark when someone comes but run (yes I can when I need to) the other direction as fast as I can until I figure out they are friends and not foes.

If you are looking for a great companion, a dog that will always follow you, be at your feet so you will never be lonely I would be that dog! My name is Buddy and I sure could be YOUR BUDDY! Just give the shelter a call, anyone there can tell you all about me! 989-785-3738

Well here it is the very last week of Adopt a Cat Month Ė and Iím still here! There have been many adoptions over the past month but none of them me; so to me none of them count. My name is Woodrow and Iím an orange tabby cat, a ďbigĒ orange tabby cat. I tried to turn on my charm for anyone that would look my way; well the truth is my charm is going all the time - lookers or not. I LOVE people for starters, get along with everyone even though some of the cats here donít like me Ė maybe they are intimated by how big and beautiful I am but no need for them to worry Iím just a big marshmallow and wouldnít pick a fight with anyone (except maybe a mouse). I am really glad I got picked for this week; I canít stand having to be in my little apartment here much longer! Yeah, they let us out to play for hours during the day but itís not the same as living in a house and never having to get put back - I donít like getting ďput backĒ. I donít like to brag but if this is my chance to find a home I guess I will be honest even if it does sound like bragging.

Iím a great cat just over a year old, Iím very handsome, I have a beautiful coat, I love to be around people, Iím never shy, I love to play, I use my litter box like I should, Iím neutered, I have all my shots and a microchip too. I am the whole package! All this for a $20 adoption fee made possible from a grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Wonít you at least come and meet me and I can show you in person just how nice of a cat I am, just need one chance. Come visit or call the shelter at 989-785-3738

Happy Summer Everyone! I would love to join in on the fun. My name is Chloe and Iím a female collie mix. Iím just about three and a half years old which is a great age for a dog, out of the chewing, housebreaking stages and into the fun or relaxing stages. Iím a good girl and would just love to have a home once again. You see, I lost mine because of nothing I did or didnít do Ė didnít have anything to do with me but because Iím at the shelter it ended up having everything to do with me. Iím a great girl; I love to play, love all people, love to cuddle, love other dogs; I guess you might say I love everything except I do have to admit my friend Dillon sometimes tests my patience. Dillon loves to play way more than me and sometimes he just wonít give it up and I get tired and just want to take a break, lay flat out to soak up some of the warm sun but here he comes again messing with me - but I still love him. So, I guess thatís my test that I could keep up with the most active of families, even one full of kids, which would be a great life. I could also be very content with a single person too, we could shower each other with attention, maybe takes turns at it! Iím a pretty good girl, I never ever make a potty mess inside, I know how to sit, I listen when being talked to and come when called but sometimes I forget that Iím not supposed to jump on people but I just canít help it here, just canít get enough of people, I so miss having a family to call my own, being with them every day, oh how I miss that so very much. So, if you come to meet me and I jump on you please forgive me, itís just excitement. And talk about excitement Ė I have a Pet Angle Sponsor which means my adoption fee is already paid, I get new toys for my new home, a great new bed, a new collar and leash, oh, what am I missing, oh what can it beÖÖÖoh itís my new home Ė the main ingredient.

If you would like to meet me please visit the shelter or give them a call 989-785-3738

Hi there! They tell me June is adopt a cat month and I get to be the very first June Pet of the Week. Lucky ME Ė my name is Kassie and Iím really just a baby. I came to the shelter with a bunch of my brothers and sisters, one by one and even two at a time got to leave with their new families and Iím the very last one left. They were feeling sorry for me being all alone so they put me in with Bo and Peep, they are like my Aunt and Uncle; they treat me nice, give me baths, keep me warm, and teach me how to play nice and how to look real cute for visitors. I have really grown to love my Aunt Peep and Uncle Bo, and know I would miss them but I would really like most in the world is to have a home with nice people that will love me and take good care of me.

It would be alright if the home already has other cats, wouldnít bother me a bit and they would just become another one of my family. I guess you can tell by my name that Iím a little girl kitty and Iím about three months old. Hopefully you can tell by my picture just how pretty I am; my eyes are golden, my coat is fluffy black and silver tabby with long lighter hair that flows out of my ears; oh and I have extra toes so my feet look like big slippers. Just like everyone else here - Iím already spayed, have my shots and been micro-chipped, Iím lacking just one thing Ė a HOME.

Wonít you come by and meet me? Iím sure you will think Iím just beautiful. Just drop by the shelter or give them a call at 989-785-3738 oh, and you can still adopt a dog during ďadopt a cat monthĒ there are many to chose from; believe me as I can hear them from beyond those doors Ė but to tell the truth I donít know why anyone would want to adopt a dog when they can have a CAT like me! Love, Kassie

Hi there! My name is Humphrey and Iím a German Shorthair mix. Iím not sure what my mix is but it doesnít really matter does it! I have been here at the shelter for quite some time now, usual story; hear it from most of my friends here. Got me as a cute little pup, showered me with love, I grew up to be a teenager Ė needed training like we all do but it was easier to take me to the shelter than to teach me to be a good boy. Not that I wasnít willing or smart enough but it would just take time Ė and look at me, donít you think Iím worth a little bit of time? Anyway, Iím looking for a new home that will have time to teach me things like good manners for starters. The shelter people are trying and have taught me to sit but itís hard for them to teach each of us lots of stuff. Itís getting warm out and if I got a new family we could have all summer to learn things, I want to learn and Iím a smart dog Ė after all Iím a German Shorthair and Iím still a very young dog just about a year old. Iím a good dog, I love people, have a great personality and Iím looking for a family that will care for me, spend time with me, treat me the love I felt when I was a little pup but this time I want it for the rest of my life; thatís the kind of new home I want. In exchange I promise to always love you no matter what, to protect you from scary things in the dark, keep the kitchen tidy by cleaning up any crumbs that fall to the floor, keep you warm when you are cold, watch TV with you, keep you company when you go on walks, and make you feel proud to have such a handsome well mannered dog Ė all it takes is a little bit of time and lots of love. Please, if you would like to meet me Ė and maybe give me a chance at a great life with you, I will be waiting at the shelter or if you want you can give them a call at 989-785-3738.
Hello! My name is Tahoe and I'm a very handsome German Shepherd mix. I'm about two years old which is like a human teenager and I'm just looking for that perfect family to call my own. I'm pretty smart, at least I think I am; I know some commands like sit and shake and maybe more that I haven't let on yet. I try real hard not to jump up on people but sometimes I get so excited I just can't help myself but they keep telling me it's not good to jump up because I'm a big dog; I'm sure once I get my home I won't have so many "so excited" moments; I will just be a happy dog all the time. I am very kind, I don't ever get grumpy with anyone - life is too short to be grumpy, I love to be around people and I'm certainly a people pleaser. I guess that's why I have learned and caught on quickly to things - I pay attention. Humm, maybe not a teenager, just kidding guys, I love kids, especially teenagers, they like to have fun and play outside with balls just like me. I have already been neutered, have my shots and even got a microchip so that means I'm ready to head out of here - just need one more little thing - A FAMILY! I promise I will be a good boy, the very best I can be. I know I'm young and will have a mistake once in awhile but I will try and try again to be the best dog you ever had. Come visit me at the shelter and you can see with your very own eyes just how handsome I am, or give them a call at 989-785-3738 if you don't believe me. See you soon, Tahoe
Hi! My name is Mabel and Iím a Beagle through and through. I have lots to offer, Iím housebroken for starters, I love, love, love people and will roll right over on my back so you can rub my tummy Ė that is my most favorite thing in the world; I know my name and come when Iím called; Iím quiet unless I have something to tell you; Iím playful, I like to run around and be crazy for a moment and Iím as sweet as any dog can be. I get along great with other dogs and cats are alright too. I have to try extra hard to find a home because if you look real close in the picture you might be able to see that I have a bad eye, itís a cataract and I canít see out of it at all; but my other eye works pretty good so Iím not totally blind and I get around just fine. Maybe that was why I was chosen to be the very first ďofficialĒ dog for the Pet Angel program! This means someone was an Angel and paid for my adoption fee, and I get to go home with all kinds of goodies; a new collar and leash, food, treats, toys and a bed. I hope being chosen will help me get a new home. Iím a very happy little girl but I would be sooo much happier in a home, a place where I would get lots and lots of tummy rubs. You might be able to tell by my picture that Iím an older gal but Iím not too old to have many more years to spend just with you! Please give me a chance, come meet me, see what a happy little dog I am. Big thank you for my Angel for helping me find a great home. Call the shelter 989-785-3738 for more information on me or the Pet Angel Program or just come on by Ė we love to have visitors. Love, Mabel
Hello! I would like to introduce myself Ė my name is Amy and Iím looking to get out of here. Iím a petite little tortoise shell kitty, thatís my color which means Iím black and brown with some very well placed splashes of orange. I love to be around people and get petted; in fact I could get petted all day long if someone chooses to. What a life that would be, having someone rub my back for hours on end; I would only have to get up once in a while to get a drink and eat. Oh, donít worry Iím very good using my litter box so I would take time for that also. But, back to the back rubsÖÖÖ.oh what a life that would be for a little kitty like me! Anyway, Iím about a year old and wonít get any bigger (well I may get fatter with all the laying around I have dreaming of), no, really, I do like to play so I should get plenty of exercise and stay the petite little girl that I am. Iím already fixed and have all my shots plus a microchip to get me back home if I ever got lost. The only thing missing is a home to call my own. Believe me I try my best when people visit, I rub, I roll, I rub some more just trying to get people to see how wonderful I am. Maybe, just maybe seeing me reach that special person that has been looking for a kitty just like me. Well, here I am and you can come to the shelter to get me. I promise I will keep you company and keep you entertained! Shelter number if you need to call is 989-785-3738 and if they donít answer they might be busy cleaning so please leave a message Ė I donít want them to miss your call.
Hi! My name is Logan and Iím a Doberman maybe Labrador mix. Iím an older guy but not a senior so I think I have many years left to fill that empty spot in your life. Like many others here, I too was a stray, found on someoneís porch out in the middle of nowhere. They brought me to the shelter for safekeeping and here, I still am, waiting. I didnít do anything wrong, in fact I try my best to do everything right, and do what is asked of me. My friend Daisy and I got to go away for the weekend, we went to Tractor Supply for adoption days Ė we met lots of people big and small and loved them all. I was a perfect gentleman, I sat when asked, gave my paw when asked. Greeted everyone with a wagging tail, enjoyed getting petting and attention from everyone but the best of all was the hugs I got from little kids, I canít begin to tell you how that felt but it was pretty close to heaven!! Iím quiet but I assure you that I will bark if danger is lurking about. Iím very good in the house; I will lay down when and where Iím asked to and I wonít potty in the house either. I get along with other dogs, big and small and even cats. Iím friendly with them all and if some get crabby with me I just walk awayÖ.sad. I ride great in the car; never even know Iím there. I wait like a gentleman to go in and out of doors until I get permission. I have found through the years to always look right into your eyes to see just what it is you expect from me. Iím always looking for direction because I want to do whatís right and to please you. All I want out of life is to please the people in my life and be with them. Iím like a shadow Ė I will follow you where ever you go and be patient when you stop. I really donít like to toot my own horn but Pauline wanted me to say that anyone that adopts me will be very lucky to have a dog like me, already trained, manners, and have that ďsomethingĒ many dogs donít have and never will and thatís a true connection with people. If you would like to come meet me I will be waiting at the shelter wearing my Tractor Supply red bandana.
Well there I was at the Dollar General Store in Lewiston; barking my fool head off trying to get someone to understand that I was lost and needed some help. Finally a very nice young lady offered me a ride to the shelter Ė itís not home but it was my best chances at finding my home if my owners were out looking for me. Itís been over two weeks now and Iím still here, Iím worried about my family and I wish I could tell someone here where I used to live but itís just like at Dollar General Ė no one seems to know what Iím saying. So now Iím up for adoption and Iím sure someone is going to want to add me to their family. They have named me ďSlickĒ, said it was for a couple of reasons, because my coat was so clean and slick and because Iím really smart. I know all kinds of things, like sit, lie down, speak (foreign language), shake, other paw, sit pretty and some others that I am keeping to myself for the moment. For sure Iím part Labrador and who knows what the other part is, Iím a mature adult (that means Iím right in between and a great age), I like to play with tennis balls or any kind of toys, I love the great outdoors especially if I can spend it with someone that likes to play or take walks. Iím a bit chunky and could use to lose a couple of pounds but that shouldnít be a problem once spring gets here and I get more exercise Ė I just need someone to do it with. Iím already neutered, have all my shots and a microchip. If I ever get separated from my family again my microchip can do the talking for me and get me back home lickety split. If you would like a great dog that is already trained, housebroken, has manners and a wonderful disposition look no further Ė Iím right before your eyes!
Good Morning! My name is Monkey, actually ďChunky MonkeyĒ; they call me this in fun because Iím a chunky little girl. I weigh about 25 pounds and wonít get much bigger as I am pretty full grown at ten months old. They donít really know what kind of a dog I am except I look like a shrunken version of a yellow Labrador Retriever - a mini lab! Since Iím still a youngster you can bet Iím a barrel of fun (think that is where the monkey part of my name comes in), Iím very social, love people, other dogs, anything, I just LOVE everything and everybody. Iím pretty housebroken and try real hard to be a good girl but sometimes itís just way too long for the shelter people to arrive and take me out but I promise if I get a home I will try my best to be a real good girl. I do need some training but Iím smart so that shouldnít be a problem. I just get so excited when I get to play with someone; I donít care if itís another dog or a person, Iím just happy to be having fun. Always have a smile on my face and I pay attention to who I am with. Iím not the kind that just goes of sniffing and ignoring my visitor, you can count on me paying attention to you if you come to see me. Oh, one more thing to say Ė Iím already spayed, up to date with my shots and even have a microchip! Yay, I think thatís all I need to get adopted, oh, except I need YOU!
Hi there! My name is Daisy. I am a beautiful lab mix with lots of love and smiles to give! Donít let my age fool you, while I may be 9yrs old, I have a young spirit and wonít pass up a chance to play around with you when you want to. I am a very happy dog and love to show it. I donít mind being here at the shelter, as they do take good care of me, but I would love nothing more than to curl up on the floor at your feet while you watch tv or at the foot of the bed when you rest your head. To be able to take a walk down to the lake with you, or to go for car rides with you, these are things I dream of. Wonít you come to the shelter and spend some time with me? I will show you just how much love I have to give and just how sweet I can be. I always look forward to seeing someone come kneel down in front of my kennel to pet me or give me a treat. Even if I am not your choice of dog, please come visit my friends, there are so many who are waiting for that new, forever home. Also, I must add that the Spay and Neuter clinics as well as the Shot Clinics are still going strong, if you want to know how the shelter can help you with these procedures, please contact Pauline at 989-785-3738. Thank you!
Happy New Year Everyone! My name is Boon, named after Daniel if you were wondering; you see Iím a Mountain Cur so the name fits me. I came into the shelter, along with my Mom Dixie several months ago, we are both still here. My mom is very friendly and outgoing but Iím very shy around strangers, and it takes a little bit of time and treats to ease my fears but once you are my friend YOU will always be my friend. I need a home with a special touch, one with love for me and time to spend with me. Iím very handsome and have a heart as soft as a cloud. I do get along well with other dogs and I like to play a lot, Iím really still a young pup even though I look all grown up. How about coming to meet me, spend some time with me, stroke my head and feel how soft my coat is. All I want is a quiet home that will take the time to show me all the wonders of the world Ė all I ever knew was the outside pen I had been born and raised in. Iím smart and willing to learn Ė I have learned a lot while here at the shelter but have lots more to go; maybe you can be the one to show me just how good of a life a dog can have. Iím at the shelter and their number is 989-785-3738. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts we received. We loved the bones we got for Christmas and all the yummy treats, toys, and food we got from the Hillman School children (they never forget us!)
Hello out there! My name is Dixon and I am a Pomeranian mix. Whatever the mix is, this half blue eye I have makes me a surefire one of a kind. I am 9 months old, neutered and up to date on all my shots. I love other dogs around my size and even some much bigger than me. I play with a few awesome pals here at the shelter on a daily basis. Iím the smallest of my crew of pals. And I think I am the best looking, but maybe I am a little biased? You should come see us and maybe play fetch with us. We would love to have you. Also, Iíd love for you to come see me in the flesh so that I can send love vibes your way and win you over. I would love to have a forever home and maybe you can give it to me? I would love to share my heart with you and your family. Thereís nothing greater than the unconditional love pets like myself can give to that amazing individual who provides us a home we can call ours. I hope to find a forever home where I can play with the kiddoís in the snow for a little bit every day before they go to school or after they come home. Especially when Christmas break comes, I have heard thatís when the kiddoís are home all day? Talk about a lot of playtime for your kids and I! I look forward to your visit to the shelter. I would like to also mention the amazing veterinariansí who come visit every week, for the most part, to provide low cost spay and neuter services as well as shot clinics. I can tell you that Iíve seen many a community animal come through and take advantage of these awesome services. If you are interested in these services, please contact Pauline at 989-785-3738.
Hello! Iím a very pretty Husky mix named Singer; I got that name because I like to talk, or maybe itís more like a singing. They tell me itís not real good singing so Iím sure I wonít become a star with my voice but, if given the chance I can become a star in your life! I am a handsome guy Ė my coat is a pretty reddish brown color that shades to a silvery white, my eyes a soft amber color to look deep into your heart; most definitely a nice combination for a great dog like me. Itís not all about looks though Ė I have a personality that gets a star too, a gold star! I love all people and Iím pretty polite most of the time; heck all of us get a bit over excited from time to time and forget our manners, some havenít even learned ďmannersĒ yet so Iím way ahead of the gang. Iím about two years old; well out of the puppy stages, I donít tear things up and Iím housebroken. I would be a great dog for most anyone but Iím not the type to just lie around and do nothing, I would like a home with adventure, activity, love, maybe some kids would be fun, and toys, oh and a soft bed. I know the Thanksgiving holiday is over and maybe homes are settling down some with traveling over with and guests gone, so now would be a good time to add a friend to your life and maybe I could be that ďfriendĒ. Before I leave for my new home (that Iím sure is coming soon) I would like to give a BIG thank you from all of us at the shelter for the many bags of food, treats, toys and supplies that were given to us over the holiday, it keeps our bellies and our hearts full. You are the best! If you would like to come see me in real life I will be at the shelter waiting for you, or if you want to know more about me just give Pauline a call at 989-785-3738. If the phone is busy or they donít answer please keep trying Ė sometimes they are just taking care of us and believe me we can keep them busy!
Bubba first came to us as a five week old kitten. A good samaritan found him on the road next to his littermates - all of which appeared to have been thrown out of a moving vehicle. Bubba was the only one alive. He was adopted to a very loving family, but returned when they lost their home. He is a very gentle boy with a HUGE heart! Can you give Bubba a good home?
Mork is such a character! Play, play, play all day long if we'd let him. He would be a great addition to any family. He gets along well with most cats and also loves dogs.
Tux is a very, very lovable boy! He and his two sisters came to us, half frozen, starving and full of fleas. He has since been neutered, treated for his fleas and is starting to gain a little weight. He will be a smaller kitty, though, even his sisters outweigh him! This cat would make anyone happy.
Bo and his sister, Peep, have been here for quite some time. He is going to be a smaller cat, but what a big heart he has! He will roll over so you can rub his belly. He would love a forever home.