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Happy endings from some of our companion animals

Kelsey Deep in the Heart of Texas
Kelsy and Marcella
Hi everyone, my name is Kelsy and you may remember me during my stay at the shelter.  At first, I wouldn't let anyone come near me.  I would hide in the back of the kennel and would not allow anyone to touch me until I knew them to be friendly and safe.  That was a whole different me compared to now.  

The shelter did wonderful things for me, and I was able to warm up to people far easier than before.  I thought I would tell you the happy tail I have and how grateful I am for the Elk Country Animal Shelter and all your hard work you have put into me. When my new owner saw me for the first time, I did my trademark pose...burying my face in my paws.  It was an instant winner! 

Amy fell in love with me right away.  She was visiting the shelter for a few weeks to help her mom Pauline, and every morning when Amy came into the shelter she would walk by my kennel to greet me and I'd lay it on super thick.  She would try to take pictures of me but I absolutely hate camaras.  After Amy's two week visit to Northern Michigan, she decided to take me home with her.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into!  

See, Amy brought me to Texas with her, with another animal from the shelter.  Marcella, the beautiful black cat that everyone grew to love so much, made the travels with me.  But I am sure she was jealous of me because I was able to get out of the car to go to the bathroom, she had to stay in her carrier for the trip.  So when we stopped at the hotel at night, Marcella had the bathroom to herself.  I kept trying to see her but Amy wouldn't let me in! She kept saying its not the best place for you two to meet.  I understand now, because Marcella didn't know me from Adam so she wanted to protect herself and well those claws might have hurt! :) 

I now live in Texas and let me tell you, this place is HOT! My winter coat keeps trying to fall out, and I can't stay outside too long.  Amy's good to me, lets me go out to play but not during the hottest time of the day.  She worries about me in this heat so she stays with me.  I've come to trust her a great deal.  I would not let anyone brush me before, but now, after a month of living with her I have come to realize she means no harm with that brush.  Actually, it feels so good, I just lay there and pant while she's brushing me.  When she stops, I insist she keeps going....why are you stopping???  So, I am no longer as scared as I was and Amy is able to take me to the park for walks without fear of me taking off on her.  I love the park actually.  Its quite peaceful and everyone is so nice.  I have this big house all to myself when Amy is at work and the cats are so much fun!

Marcella And on that note, Marcella insisted on putting her two cents in so here you go: Hi ECAS! You remember me! That fun, loveable black kitty Marcella that just had to have all the attention from you! Yeah, not much has changed.  :)  I love it here in Texas, even managed to scare mom one day with a little escape.  I promise to never do that again though.  I just saw an escape and thought I'd go out for a walk, then I realized what state I was in and just how HOT this place is.  Amy quickly fixed the escape route so that I wouldn't be tempted again. Nope, not going to do that again! So, anyways, 
Amy brought me to Texas with Kelsy and yes, that made for a very interesting trip.  Mom doesn't know this but everytime she would get out to go get gas or go to the bathroom, Kelsy would try to sniff me through the holes in the carrier.  And every night at the hotels she kept insisting on meeting me. I'm sorry, when your moving me from one place to another to another to another, I am not a social butterfly.  I was not having it.  My favorite place was behind the toilet at every hotel stop.  But Amy would come in and keep me company every night.  Then the next morning she did the meanest thing and put me back in the carrier.  And here I thought I was done with all this moving!  :) Then we got here to Texas and I realized how much room I have to run around and explore.  

Everyday Amy comes home for lunch and lets Kelsy out for a little while.  So, I take advantage of that time and soak up some lap time.  Amy has two other cats, Bags and Kara.  Bags doesn't mind me too much now, and Kara just does her own thing anyways.  I'm pretty pleased with my new digs here in Texas but I still miss you all so much!  I thank you all for all that you have done for me and Kelsy during our stay at the Elk Country Animal Shelter, without you and the ECAS, lord only knows where I would be today!      

Thank you everyone for all your help with caring for these two wonderful pets, and all the other pets you have helped and will continue to help! You are wonderful and I will never forget the time I have spent working with you all.  I look forward to my next visit! I will surely be lending a helping hand!  Miss you all and thanks again!

Baker - Poster Boy

Baker's foster mom in San Francisco sent me this poster of Baker.  It is so fabulous - I knew you would enjoy it.

Pet Food Express is a Petsmart type of store in northern CA. Whenever someone donates $250 or more to Ratbone Rescues (as a nonprofit rescue) they send out a professional photographer for free and take pics of fosters and adopted dogs and then blow them up to 60x40" laminated posters and hang them in the windows of their store.

So our Baker Boy has his very own poster and is being advertised in a Pet Food Express window for lots of people to see.  Isn't that wonderful?

Sue Kangas - Ratbone Rescues Foster Mom and Transport cordinator - www.ratbonerescues.com


Note: Pauline found Baker in Atlanta, Michigan; am older, un-neutered fellow, he had a terrible wound. So Pauline contacted a rat terrier rescue group in Michigan, she took him to the vet, wherehe was treated and neutered, and before he knew what had happened, he was on his way to California, courtesy of Ratbone Rescues. Look at him now - a poster boy!

Vanna - Turning Heads and Hearts!

Hi there,

I just wanted to send you this happy tale and let you know that Vanna ( aka Sandy) is settling in well into her new home with her new furry family.  She is just a wonderful dog with a calm, quiet and gentle disposition.  She gives lots of kisses and has made friends with Molly, my tiny little dachshund, and the cats really like her, although she doesn't really bother with them.  I'll have to send a picture with all of them sleeping on the big bed together, but it's hard to get the full family portrait.  I'm her new mom, and the only photographer in the house, so unfortunately I'll have to wait to send a picture of the two of us together.

I am so pleased and happy to have her as a part of my family, and want to thank you for considering me and adopting such a lovely dog into my home.

Laurie Bray


Note: I looked down the other day and caught him sleeping on the job with his tounge sticking out! :-)


I know that your mind is on the dogs in your care right now, but I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful gift Dickens has been to our family.

He is truly an angel in a beagle disguise. He is the sweetest, most gentle boy you could imagine. He has a tail wag for everyone he meets, and has made friends all over the village.  Everyone at the neighborhood coffee shop knows him and has a "Good Day, Dickens" for him ... They even keep a jar of dog treats behind the counter!

He is so quiet and reserved, we often wonder what his life was before he came to us. This makes it even more entertaining when he has an occasional burst of energy and runs around the house with a squeaky toy!

Anyway, we love him dearly. Thank you for sending him to me!

Shannon (Reincke)

Blondie and Buddy
Likes: food, car-rides, resting on the sofa(s) Pet-Peeves: get wakened-up
Favorite Toy: anything that belongs to the cats
Favorite Food: everything
Favorite Walk: anywhere on our property!

Arrival Story: We saw his photo in the local newspaper. He had been at the shelter (Sheriff's Dept.) for 2 months and no person wanted him. He looked like he - needed - a home. When we got to the shelter, he looked straight at us like, "You are the ONES. I know you want ME!"

Blondie and Lola love to play "Hide-'n-seek" with Buddy when they get together. The girls also like to trade "beauty-secrets"! :-) It is so cool that they all get along! I guess being they were adopted from the Shelter they have a "common-ground"!

Judith M. & Paul Yerkey 

Likes: walks, Buddy, playing hide-'n-seek with the 3 cats, and playing with Lola when she and her family visit. 
Pet-Peeves: none - so far!
Favorite Toy: anything she can chew (including old sox): 
Favorite Food: Whatever is in her dish (or leftovers on our plates)! 
Best Tricks: Flipping the flip-toy so it lands near the cat, C.T,!

Arrival Story: Our 15 yr-old Sheltie - Shelly (also on Dogster) passed away mid-March of a heart attack. The next week - the same shelter that we got Buddy from was showing Blondie (with a different "name"). She stole our hearts. Since she came to live with us - there are things she does that we swear that Shelley "sent-her-to-us" from her "Dog-Star-heaven"!

Bio: Blondie was found - filthy dirty & stinky - wandering around the area . Pauline (the person at the shelter who tends to the animals, had to work hard to get her presentable (used "Mane-and tail" (horse) shampoo. The name they gave her was "Lota" which sounded too much like my daughter's dog, "Lola" (also adopted from the same shelter and is also on "Dogster").

Ice Has Melted Our Hearts

Remember "Ice" from a couple of months ago. White male bi-eyed Boxer you met me part way and I picked him up. I've been fostering him and falling in love with him. 

He was adopted out today to a family in Livonia with previous Boxer experience. 

See the attached picture from earlier today. A very happy ending.

Barbara Graham
Boxer Haven Rescue - Foster Mom

Sadie Sadie and Sunny

his is the biography of Sadie or as she was affectionately called by Pauline and all the nice folks at the Elk Country Animal Shelter, Grandma.

Sadie was adopted by the Butler Family (Larry, Barb and Stacie) of Hazel Park, MI (suburb of Detroit) on July 22, 2005. Sadie joins a sister, Sunny. Sadie’s age was unknown by the shelter, however, a trip to the veterinarian proved Sadie to be approximately 4 years old. Sadie is half the age of her sister, Sunny who will be 10 years old in November.

Sadie’s favorite toy is the tennis ball. We have 3 or 4 of them around the house and she wants them all to herself. She doesn’t like it when Sunny takes one. Sadie’s favorite food is French Fries”. Sadie loves to bark and play fetch. She is quite the catcher.

Sadie and Sunny are the light of our lives. They have brought much joy to this family of dog lovers. We would adopt all unwanted dogs if financially able.

The Elk Country Animal Shelter is located in Atlanta, Mi. Sadie’s owner, Barbara Butler (Boughner) was raised in Atlanta. “I wanted to go back to my home town and give back to the community in some small way and we wanted to adopt another dog because our Sunny was lonely and needed a sister to play with, so we figured adopting a dog in Atlanta was the best of both worlds”.

As you can see from the photos... Sadie has adjusted to her new home very nicely. She is loved by us all and she and Sunny are hilarious together when they get to playing. 

Sunny My sister, Sandy McKerchie (Boughner) adopted a dog named Riley from the Elk Country Animal Shelter back in October of 94. Riley has a wonderful home in Howard City, MI. Riley lives on a small animal farm in the woods and just loves it. I have no photos of Riley but am working on my sister to send me some so I can send to you.

I truly wish the animal population was not as bad as it is today. People are just too busy or just don’t seem to care anymore. My Sadie and Sunny are both fixed, so they will not be adding to the population problem.

We truly hope you enjoy this biography of “Sadie”. She truly has a good home with a family that loves and protects her. God bless you all and “Woof, Woof from Sadie and Sunny Butler"

Barbara Butler 

Juno and Myles

Juno is definitely part of the family...she has a best friend in Myles (our 5 year old), and keeps our cat company (even though the cat may never admit it). She is such a sweetheart who has a kiss for everybody she

Juno...Likes: walks, Myles (her boy), ziggy (her cat) going camping/up north.
Pet-Peeves: Not being able to go everywhere we go
Favorite Toy: "Mr. Squeakers"
Favorite Food: Treats or her dog food
Best Tricks: She will keep a treat rested on her nose until we say "ok" and then she will flip it up and catch in her mouth! 


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