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Our community provides food for dogs housed at the Elk Country Animal Shelter.

We use Pedigree Dog Food and always accept donations. Simply drop off a bag or two at the Shelter and we'll make sure the boys and girls staying at the facility receive a meal on you!

Elk Country Animal Shelter
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The Elk Country Animal Shelter shall be committed to providing a caring shelter and eventual placement of adoptable animals; be advocates for companion animals; provide education on the proper care of animals and promote understanding of the need to control the population of unwanted animals.

The Elk Country Animal Shelter would like to thank all the Sponsors, golfers, and volunteers for making the Dave Hancock Golf Outing a success for the 15th year in a row! Because of covid it was touch and go that we were even going to have the outing; between us and John at Thunder Bay Golf resort we put our heads together to figure out how to make this happen and we did. Once the almost last-minute word got out that it was a go, the sponsors and the golfers started to all come together to make this a reality. Things were vastly different this year, we didn’t have the luxury of the barn for set up, registration or to enjoy a banquet dinner during the ceremony. But, we did have all the important things to make it a success; sponsors (even a few new ones), golfers – 83 of them (more than most years), great weather (the skies have been good to us), we held everything outside and at times was a bit confusing, almost like it was our first time. Thunder Bay delivered lunch to the golfers out on the course - a very tasty wrap and more than enough to eat. Everyone had a great time, lots of fun and no complaints of the changes that were made – everyone understood. We are thankful for that and hope next year (July 25th 2021) we will be back to normal. Big thanks to all our sponsors, two of our major sponsors pictured above; Glen Alsobrooks in memory of Mary Alsobrooks a true dog angel, and John and Mary Fitzgerald in memory of Sara adopted from our shelter and in celebration of Skye a new addition to the family and to ALL of the golfers that supported the outing, all the volunteers that helped the day of and behind the scenes , Ace Hardware Lewiston/Hillman for the donating that awesome Blackstone cooking station we raffled off and Home Depot Alpena for donating the biggest Rubbermaid cooler we have ever seen! Thanks to everyone, this year has been hard on us as many others are experiencing many of the same difficulties, but this has made the light brighter for all of us!! Sincerely, everyone at Elk Country Animal Shelter!

The shelter cupboards are getting low! We are in desperate need of Bleach, Paper Towel and Dish Soap We can receive donations any time during hours of operation. Thank you to everyone for continuing to support the ELK COUNTRY ANIMAL SHELTER!


My Christmas Story

We are always in need of bleach, kitten chow and paper toweling – if you can help with some of these items we would be very grateful!

My name is Buddy, this is the best Christmas of my whole life!!! And this is my story. I came into the shelter over a year and a half ago, I had lots of visitor’s that came to meet me, I hoped and hoped with each one that they would choose me but over and over again I got passed over, another shelter dog was chosen. I was ALWAYS happy when my friends got a home, but at night when things got quiet, I would lay on my bed wondering when would it be my turn, I have been here way longer than any of the other dogs. Was it because I was a goofy dog? Was it because I was a goofy looking dog with very crooked front legs? I didn’t know why because I was always a good dog and played Uncle Buddy whenever there were puppies around that needed some extra love, the puppies never cared about my crooked legs or my goofy ways. And then just the other day the shelter lady took me in to meet more people, they petted me and rubbed my ears, the lady was crying and I didn’t know why, I didn’t do anything to hurt her, I wouldn’t ever hurt anyone on purpose, and then before I knew it they were asking to see another dog; just like before, I go back to my kennel and the other dog get’s to come out. Shortly after the shelter lady was giving me a bath, was that it? Did I smell bad? I got my bath and went to bed and wondered in the dark when would I ever get a home. The very next morning I had a BIG surprise, those people came back, the lady was still crying but now I knew why. She said no dog should ever have to live in a shelter for over 1 ˝ years and they were taking me home, YES ME, they chose ME! They promised to love me forever, now I know they were tears filled with love. It’s been a few days and boy oh boy am I happy, I have been very good, I walk nicely on a leash, go for walks everyday, I’m fully housebroken; I play tug of war with my Dad and he loves it! I have two little sister’s Tedi and Abby, they are tiny 13 year old Shih Tzu’s, they are like puppies to me so I try to be careful. My new family say’s I’m a treasure, a perfect family addition and best of all I’m a “blessing”. Who knew? Buddy the goofy looking dog finally got what he dreamed of, a home for Christmas! What miracles a few days can do for a shelter dog. Merry Christmas to everyone!


Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Pet Angel Program
Is your house already full of pets, or maybe you aren't home enough to care for a pet? We have a way for you to help a shelter dog or cat find a forever home.

Elk Country Animal Shelter offers the "Pet Angel Program." It allows one person, a group of friends, or a service club, to sponsor a shelter dog or cat.

For $200 you can sponsor a dog or $150 sponsors a cat. This covers the adoption fee and provides toys, beds, a nice size bag of food, treats and a new collar and leash. And as always, the pet will be spayed or neutered, have all vaccinations and a microchip. There is a nice placard that has your name on it, that will be placed over the kennel or cat cage. You will receive a thank you, but most of all you will have helped a dog or cat who really needed a helping hand.

Think about it, won't you?
Donate to us through PayPal!


Elk Country Animal Shelter!


Kuranda beds are sturdy and long lasting, so you will be providing a lasting gift for a dog today and another tomorrow.

They can make a big difference for even one dog who, for the most part spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a concrete floor.

Donations are offered at a special discounted price and shipped directly to the Elk Country Animal Shelter.

Donate a bed in your name, or send one as a gift in the name of a friend or family member.  We will mail a personalized Gift Card acknowledgement directly to them from you.

Politial Disclaimer

The Elk Country Animal Shelter organization, its members, and any non-members acting on its behalf shall not contribute to, promote, or oppose the candidacy of any person seeking election to public office while actively and publicly representing the shelter in any capacity.

This does not preclude personal involvement in political activities during periods when one is not involved in shelter activites.

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